The Advantages Of Choosing An Epoxy Concrete Sealer

The Advantages Of Choosing An Epoxy Concrete Sealer

In large or small commercial buildings, including warehouses, garages, production, and manufacturing facilities and any other type of concrete flooring in a building, protecting the concrete should be a priority.

While concrete itself is strong and provides a solid floor to any type of construction, it is simply not a durable option if left untreated. Concrete, even after curing, is very porous and will absorb liquids, chemicals, oil, and grease off the surface, which leads to flaking, pitting and erosion of the surface of the floor. It is also very prone to chipping and cracking, but using an epoxy concrete sealer can correct these problems.

Fast Application and Drying

With new technology in epoxy concrete sealer options, there are commercial grade products available that are easy to apply and extremely quick to dry. Some of the most durable types of epoxy coatings can be applied and allowed to dry within just a few hours. With extremely low odor, these options can easily provide a new floor for a production facility over a weekend, limiting the downtime for the system while also extended the life of the floor.

Addressing Surface Imperfections

In existing commercial buildings, the choice of a self-leveling epoxy concrete sealer is ideal and will cut down on the advance floor preparation. This type of a sealer is a thicker product and is often a 100% solids epoxy that is mixed on-site just before application.

This is also an ideal choice in food and beverage production industries where there is a need for all materials used in the building to meet specific standards. This type of a sealer can also be used on vertical surfaces or stairs, and it creates a skid resistant surface, ideal for any areas where moisture is present.

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