Locating Mini Ball Valve Manufacturers

Locating Mini Ball Valve Manufacturers

In any application, including in small equipment, using miniature valves is the ideal way to control the flow of media through the system while still providing a reliable, durable and long-lasting control mechanism.

The choice of a mini ball valve allows for the same benefits in these smaller systems as a traditional or standard sized ball valve. As a quarter turn valve, it is very easy to turn the flow on, shut it off or control the general flow through the valve. It is also ideal for quick visual confirmation of the status of the valve with the position of the external valve control handle providing a clear indication.

Finding a manufacturer of mini ball valve options is often a challenge. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a company, particularly when valve reliability and performance is critical to the application.

Experienced Manufacturers

While online purchasing ability opens up the range of possible manufacturers around the world, it also creates opportunities for companies, third-party distributors and others to sell valves that are not made to standards nor do not meet the necessary specifications for many applications.

Ideally, when choosing a mini ball valve for a critical type of application, verify the experience of the manufacturer in the industry. Be aware of websites that are no clear on the manufacturer are most likely third-party resellers or those importing parts from outside of the USA.

Customized Options

Not all manufacturers of miniature valves offer customization options. For OEMs or for specific replacement valves on existing equipment, this may be an important factor to consider.

When choosing a company to customize miniature ball valves, be sure to review all information on the specific valve specifications and choose the correct configuration and options to suit the application.

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