When is it Time to Call an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI?

When is it Time to Call an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI?

When any type of trauma happens to a person’s mouth, it’s only natural to want to seek emergency help. However, the emergency room isn’t always the very first place that a person should go. Prior to calling for the help of an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI, it’s a good idea to find out if their services are really needed. Some of the indications it’s time to call an emergency dentist can be found here.

Significant Damage to the Person’s Teeth

If a person has a tooth that is mostly or completely out of the socket, or if larger pieces of it have broken off, then it may be necessary to call an emergency dentist in Providence RI to save the tooth. The nerve may die if a person doesn’t get immediate attention for the issue, regardless of if it is securing the tooth back into its proper position or sealing the tooth to repair the damage.

Serious Mouth Pain

A person should never ignore severe mouth pain. This is the body trying to let a person know that something is wrong. This is especially important if the pain doesn’t fade in approximately 30 minutes. Try to use a first-aid combination that includes rinsing with saltwater, an ice pack, and anti-inflammatories. If the pain levels remain extremely high, then an emergency dentist can provide the relief needed.

Visible Abscess or Pus Drainage

A person’s teeth can become infected, just like other parts of the body and an abscess or pus may indicate that something is wrong. It’s important to get antibiotics to help alleviate this bacterial infection. Also, the dentist can schedule any follow-ups that are needed to address the tooth decay or cavity that’s present.

When it comes to tooth trauma and other issues, it’s important to know what to do and when to seek emergency care. Additional information about emergency dental services can be found by taking the time to click here. Being informed is the best way to ensure the highest quality services are received and that no other issues arise due to the gum or mouth issue that is present.

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