How Long Can You Keep a Rented Roll-Off Container in Ft Lauderdale, FL?

How Long Can You Keep a Rented Roll-Off Container in Ft Lauderdale, FL?

Having to clear out a big estate that is packed full of junk is a daunting project. Those facing this project might consider hiring a clean-out service, but they realize they want to go through everything in case they find items of value or family heirlooms. Renting a roll-off container in Ft Lauderdale FL appears to be the best solution, but how long can they keep it?

Time Frame

Normally, the dumpster rental company doesn’t care how long a customer holds onto the container as long as they can pay for the service. They may have different rental options such as charging by the day or the week. A monthly rental option also may be available. The municipality may have regulations as to how long the container can be on the property because it’s somewhat of an eyesore.

Placement Considerations

Most customers have the roll-off container in Ft Lauderdale FL placed in the driveway. If that isn’t possible or feasible for some reason, it might go on the lawn. However, the municipality may limit the amount of time a dumpster can be parked in the front yard. Some customers request a permit to have the container placed in the street in front of their house. That might only be allowed for a day or two.

Contracts and Extensions

It’s best to set up a rental contract for as long as the customers might need it instead of trying to extend the rental period later. The company only has a certain number of these containers and may have already scheduled them all on the calendar. Also, the rate per day is likely to be better for the longer term.

If the customer of a company such as MST Dumpsters isn’t sure how long they will need the container, they might ask about demand and availability in this area. If they think it will take at least a month to clear out the estate while working on it nights and weekends, they don’t want to be left without a container after 30 days if they need one more week. Schedule an appointment to ask questions and learn more.

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