A Guide to Walk-In Tubs and Shower Repair in Bowie MD

A Guide to Walk-In Tubs and Shower Repair in Bowie MD

Many bathroom mishaps occur upon entering or exiting the tub. A walk-in bathtub provides an easy and safe solution to most of these issues. These tubs, with their doors that close and open, have long been a staple in retirement communities across the country. However, they’re starting to appear in more homes. If the safety of disabled or aging loved ones is a concern, consider adding a walk-in tub during shower repair in Bowie MD.

How Does a Walk-In Tub Work?

Most walk-in tubs come with doors that open and close on the side or the front. The wide-opening door gives a senior or a disabled individual the chance to enter the bathtub without having to lift a leg over the side. Because these doors are tightly sealed, bathroom flooding isn’t a concern. Most of these tubs drain quickly, which allows users to get out sooner. With features such as handrails, adjustable shower heads, bubble jets, and seating, these tubs should be installed by trained professionals.

Why Are Walk-In Tubs Good for Seniors?

Walk-in bathtubs come with numerous advantages for seniors and those with limited mobility. Along with the door, these bathtubs are highly slip-resistant. Seats, handrails, and textured bottoms help users stay above water. With a walk-in tub, there’s no need for a sliding door, which can be risky for a senior. When a homeowner lives in a retirement community, adding a walk-in tub may even increase the home’s value.

What Can Go Wrong?

As beneficial as they are, walk-in tubs do have some drawbacks. First, a user must enter and close the door before turning on the tap. Aside from becoming chilly and impatient while waiting for the tub to fill, a user may have a hard time getting the water to the right temperature. Waiting for the tub to drain is another consideration. Although many manufacturers have addressed this issue with added features, they may increase the cost of installation and shower repair in Bowie MD.

Learn More Today

Walk-in tubs are useful for seniors, the disabled, and the mobility-impaired. However, installation isn’t something to be taken lightly. Contact us for more details or visit the website to learn more.

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