The First Signs Of A Failing Transmission

The First Signs Of A Failing Transmission

The transmission in your vehicle is a mechanical component that can fail just like any other part. Before it completely fails, there are a few signs that you can pay attention to to get it to a mechanic so that it can be repaired. Keep in mind that you could have a few months or even a few years after you begin noticing some of these signs before you would need to seek a transmission repair GR business.

One of the initial signs that can indicate that something is wrong with your transmission whether it’s a manual or an automatic is that it won’t go into gear as it normally would. The first gear that usually fails is reverse as it’s difficult to get the vehicle from park to reverse or from another gear to reverse.

Another sign that you want to pay attention to before seeking transmission repair GR businesses offer is a strong odor that smells like transmission fluid burning. This would mean that the components of the part are overheating, which would then result in the gears failing because they can’t perform properly. Any transmission fluid that you see on the ground can indicate that there’s a leak, resulting in the parts not being lubricated properly.

A failing transmission will exhibit notable noises, especially when you’re trying to put your vehicle in gear. You’ll usually notice these noises first when you put your vehicle in neutral or reverse. Grinding or thumping sounds from your transmission when it’s put in gear are not normal and should be examined right away. Another odd noise that you want to get checked out is whining while you’re driving. Sometimes, these noises can be solved by changing the transmission fluid, but most of the time, these noises are indicative of a failing transmission that should be repaired as soon as possible before it completely fails. Please browse our website to find more information about our services.

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