What to Expect During a Service Appointment Involving Odometer Repair in Arizona

The odometer in your car has a big job. It not only helps you determine how many miles you have driven, but also reports your current speed so you can drive safely. If your odometer is not operating properly, it can cause you to miss out on important oil changes and cause you to drive at an unsafe speed. Make sure you talk to a mechanic as soon as you notice trouble so you can get your odometer repaired and keep your car on the road safely. The following is what you can expect when you take your vehicle in for odometer repair in Arizona.

Consultation and Diagnosis

The first thing the technician will do is ask you questions about your odometer to help determine what is causing your problem. They may also ask to take your vehicle on a test drive so they can better assess what will be needed to conduct the repair. Don’t trust a mechanic who doesn’t troubleshoot the problem before starting the repair process. It may also be a good idea to ask questions about what equipment and tools they have that can help make the repair easier.

Repair Process

Once the exact cause of the issue is determined, they will then start making the necessary repairs. They will need to remove your dash and gauge cluster so they can access the cabling that connects to your odometer. While it is a fairly simple process, it can be time consuming and take the mechanic upwards of 4 hours to complete.

Final Testing

The last thing to expect during odometer repair in Arizona is a final test. The mechanic will drive your car a short distance to make sure that the repair they completed fixed the problem. Don’t agree to pay for any charges associated with your appointment until you are sure that the work has been tested for quality. If you are tired of dealing with a broken odometer, make sure you contact Dicks Speed-O-Tach. They have a wide range of odometer replacement parts that can help you keep your car on the road safely and allow you to keep track of how far you drive. Visit their site today to start shopping their large inventory, and get the parts you need without delay.

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