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Land surveys are an important part of buying, selling, and developing property. A land survey locates points on and above the earth. This is necessary before you buy property or a home, or before starting construction. You may also get a land survey to determine legal access to a property, or to verify acreage for tax purposes. If you are selling property, a survey will reassure buyers that they are getting what they are paying for. If you suspect a neighbor is on your land when they build, remodel, or expand, a land survey will help you determine that. Surveys are useful in both residential and commercial settings, and the Best Surveying Company in Austin will work with you to meet all of your needs for any project you may have.

Surveyors use GPS technology to ensure accuracy in their surveys. They use the numbers obtained by the GPS to determine boundaries and property lines. Topographic mapping that shows natural and man made features is needed for building and developing property, especially when it comes to building subdivisions and determining construction layout. A geodetic survey will make adjustments for the natural shape of the earth. Route surveys help determine accessibility to a property, and are important for building new roads.

Surveyors are typically engineers specially trained in determining locations and relative positions on the Earth’s surface, underground, and underwater. They take account for points of elevation and contours in the land using specialized GPS equipment. The surveyor may be responsible for supervising unlicensed assistants. They have the responsibility of not only collecting, but analyzing data and creating drafts and drawings based on that data using computer design programs. Continuing education for technological advancements ensures they are on top of the latest in industry standards.

A great surveyor will be good with math, electronics, and computers. They have the unique ability to visualize objects, distances, and sizes. Surveyors have to work outdoors in essentially any conditions. Analytical and organizational skills are essential to getting the job done right, and patience and attention to detail ensure great outcomes. Surveyors work in a team environment and have strong communication skills to work with their colleagues and best serve their clients. Visit the website to find the Best Surveying Company in Austin for all of your property development needs.

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