What To Do If You Have a Judgment on a Denver, Colorado Property

What To Do If You Have a Judgment on a Denver, Colorado Property

If you’ve gone through the long process of filing a lawsuit against a debtor and won your case, you may have thought that the tough times were behind you. However, winning a judgment on a property may be only the first step in recouping what is owed to you. Below, you can learn about your options for turning your judgment into actual cash.

Sell the Property

Once you have a judgment on real property, you could go about selling it. This means that you will need to put it on the market and wait for it to sell.

Sell to Mayflower Judgments

Instead of possibly waiting years for your property sell, you can sell your judgment to a company like Mayflower Judgments. We offer cash in exchange for your lien and can get you paid in only a matter of days.

What Types of Properties Do You Buy?

We buy all sorts of properties that have different types of liens on them. The types of liens we can buy include a tax lien, a bankruptcy lien, or a 2nd mortgage.

Who Do You Buy From?

We buy from anyone who has a judgment lien. You can be an individual, a business, a lawyer, an estate, or even a bank. If you have a judgment on a property that you are thinking about selling, then you have to contact Mayflower Judgments so that we can get you a free estimate.

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