How to Choose a Non-Denominational Church in the Jacksonville

How to Choose a Non-Denominational Church in the Jacksonville

Finding a new church home is a big and very important undertaking. It shouldn’t be taken on lightly as the ultimate goal is to find a place to worship where you feel welcomed, are able to learn and can surround yourself with people who are supportive while being devout in their own faith. Finding the right non-denominational church in the Jacksonville can provide the solution you seek.
Here are some things to look for when trying to find a non-denominational church in the Jacksonville to call your own church home:

An Inclusive Atmosphere

Diversity of membership is the hallmark of a church that seeks to follow God’s word. Rather than shy away from people who are presently far from God, a devout non-denominational church will see it as its mission to reach these people precisely. For this reason, non-denominational churches often have memberships that include the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the devout and the curious. By opening their doors to anyone, regardless of past life experiences, non-denominational churches lead by example in showing that all men and women are truly God’s children.

A Desire to Remain Relevant

While some churches rely on ceremonies that were created hundreds of years ago to fill out their services, a smart non-denominational church in Jacksonville will have a much more updated feel. Modern music, for example, may play a role. The reason for this is that these churches understand that modern culture is a part of people’s lives. Harnessing it can help bring people closer to God, which is ultimately the mission of any good church.

An Active Schedule

Worshipping God shouldn’t end after a Sunday sermon. That’s why some of the best non-denominational churches have rather packed calendars of events throughout the week. Whether it’s an outreach ministry, a volunteer opportunity or a teen group meant to inspire young believers, activities outside of Sundays are important.

When a church’s calendar is busy, it shows its devotion to helping members stay active and engaged throughout the week. It also provides members with additional opportunities for fellowship and discussion as they walk their journey with God. Visit Southpoint Community Church to know more.

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