What Makes an Assisted Living Community Different Than a Nursing Home?

What Makes an Assisted Living Community Different Than a Nursing Home?

All long-term care facilities for the elderly or disabled are not created equal. Even though there are choices in long term care, many people are misinformed and will simply refer to all of these facilities as “nursing homes.” Not all long-term care facilities are classified as nursing homes. Don’t be misguided; the need for nursing home care is a legitimate need and these facilities are vital in making sure the elderly and disabled are taken care of. The thing about this is, not all elderly or disabled actually qualify for nursing home care. Some people are able to maintain more independence than others. The level of care needed will vary from person to person. Here are some of the differences in an Assisted Living Facility as opposed to a nursing home.

An Assistant Living in Prince George is more like a community. These communities provide some wonderful options for housing for their residents. The rooms are more like apartments than they are hospital rooms. The setting is more like being inside the walls of a home than a facility type environment. The furnishings are more like those you would see inside a home and less like that you would see in a medical care facility. The overall environment is much like that of a community living arrangement such as a group home or other organized setting.

Assisted living facilities are not equipped to provide skilled nursing care like a nursing home can. These communities provide an environment for those that are able to maintain some level of independence. They will provide some assistance with activities of daily living but they do not provide medical care such as IV therapy, tube feedings or other types of skilled nursing services.

The AiMHi – Prince George Association for Community Living has a variety of activities and events that residents will be encouraged to participate in. From exercise classes to music performances, this type of setting is perfect for the retiree who does not want to live alone, can no longer live alone or just wishes to retire somewhere in a nice setting and not worry about keeping up a home in their elderly years. As you can see, the assisted living or independent living communities are quite different than a typical nursing home setting. They provide an excellent alternative to a nursing home!

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