How Dry Cleaning Equpiment In Dallas Works

How Dry Cleaning Equpiment In Dallas Works

Many people see the label that reads “Dry Clean Only”on their clothes, but not many know how the process is actually done using Dry Cleaning Equipment in Dallas. Dry cleaning is not actually “dry,” it is merely referred to as that because it does not use water. There are many fabrics that just do not pair well with water, such as wool. Therefore, an alternative cleaning solution was devised. In the early days of dry cleaning, clothes were often cleaned using gasoline or kerosene. These mixes proved to be very volatile, however. Today, a petroleum byproduct called perchloroethylene is the overwhelming choice for dry cleaners everywhere. This chemical allowed the maximization of floor space due to fewer large machines being needed.

When the clothes are dropped off by the customer to be cleaned, they are tagged with the name of the customer and an inspection is done for any flaws in the clothing that may be present. This is done so that the dry cleaner is not accused of damaging the clothing. If any stains are present on the clothing, they are pre-treated with a special solvent so that they will be easier to be removed.

After tagging and pre-treatment are performed, the clothes are put into a cleaning machine with a stainless steel perforated basket. Modern dry cleaning machines have the washing and drying done via the same machine. This allows almost all of the perchloroethylene to be reclaimed, which is a great boon to the environment. While the clothes are being rotated in the steel basket, they are constantly doused in fresh cleaning solvent. The dirty solvent is subsequently pumped back out of the machine through a filter and then re-sent to the cleaning basket after the dirt has been filtered out.

After the clothes are cleaned, they are removed from the machine and then pressed and ironed. If any repairs were requested, these are done at this time also. For more information on purchasing Dry Cleaning Equipment in Dallas, contact a professional and industry leading company such as Master Cleaning Supply Inc. They will have everything that is needed for dry cleaning solutions.

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