Tips for Preventing Teen Drug Use

Tips for Preventing Teen Drug Use

Teen drug use is a problem that is thankfully on the decline. It is at the lowest point in several decades. This trend can likely be attributed to increasing awareness and education programs that aim to inform children and teenagers of the dangers of drugs before they are even introduced to them. After all, pre-emptive education is more effective and cheaper than chemical dependency treatment in Minnetonka. Here are a few tips for preventing your teen from trying drugs.

Give Them Facts, Not Lies

A long-standing practice when it comes to drug prevention and education is for presenters to exaggerate the dangers of certain drugs. This may work for a short time, but with the internet, teenagers have access to all of the information they could ever need on any drug on the market. By lying to them and making them seem worse, you are losing your credibility once they learn the truth. If you simply tell the truth from the beginning, then you will remain credible when they fact check and they are more likely to listen to you.

Be Actively Involved in Your Child’s Life

Children seek their parent’s praise; you do not need someone to tell you this. The problem is that in today’s world it is becoming more and more common for parents to be completely disconnected from their children’s lives. This can make your child feel neglected which can lead to experimenting with drugs. Avoid this all together by simply showing an honest interest in your child’s life.

Give Them Freedom

Teenagers are naturally rebellious; it is part of being a teenager. If you try to fight this rebellious streak, then you are only going to make it worse. By restricting your teenager, you are pushing them further and further, and they are eventually going to snap. By allowing your child a certain level of freedom you are showing them that you trust them. When they see this trust, they are less likely to betray that trust than they would be if you were too strict.

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