Portable Credit Card Reader-Just Take It with You

The beauty of a wireless portable credit card reader is that you are not stuck in one place! It is an ideal solution for any business that wants the freedom to move around and not have to worry about leading customers back to the one spot where the wired machine is stuck. This lightweight option can do everything that a full-size machine can do!

The Sleek Design

A portable credit card reader is made for movement is designed with sleek lines and can do everything that a full size counter top machine can do without the space requirements and without being tethered! You can print out receipts, accept EMV chip cards, transmit information, everything that you can do with the full size counter top version you can do with a portable and do it in style.

Take it With You

You do not need multiple devices to take payments on the go. A portable credit card reader can:

  • Use a cellular signal anywhere
  • Go to tradeshows and other events with you
  • Process payments quickly and accurately

Whether you want to use it in the shop or away, a portable device from a trusted source makes it easy. The best options come with an extra-long battery life, so you can stay unplugged and confident throughout the sale. It will also accept payments including Apple Pay, EMV chips and other credit cards.

Learn More

You can make an informed decision about the portable reader and if it is something that you need to add to your business from one of the most trusted sources in the payment processing industry. American Merchant can help you to decide which equipment will work the best for your business. Learn more today about your options!

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