The Best Heating Options for a Large Commercial Warehouse in Fox Lake

The Best Heating Options for a Large Commercial Warehouse in Fox Lake

Commercial heating equipment provides two benefits in a warehouse. It keeps all workers cozy and comfortable, and it protects delicate stock on the shelves. Because a warehouse is bigger than a store, you must use unique heating solutions in order to distribute waves of hot air throughout the vast spaces.

Warm Air Heater

A warm air heating system provides comfort by raising the temperature in an environment. When a cycle begins, cold air moves through a heat ex-changer. Then hot air exits the chamber.

Warm air heating systems are available in several formats. You can select a gas, oil or electric heater for your warehouse.

Radiant Heating

Plaque heaters and suspended tube heaters have radiant heating technology. Both heaters create heat by generating infrared radiation.

When a radiant heater warms a warehouse, it doesn’t heat up the air. As a result, a radiant heating system provides the best benefits near loading bays.

Destratification Fans

When an average heating system heats up a warehouse, warm air rises to the ceilings. Because the ceilings in a warehouse are very high, any air that drifts up is lost during a heating cycle.

Destratification fans are helpful because they can direct hot air back to the ground in a warehouse. If you invest in these fans, they will lower your overall heating costs.

Custom Kapton Heater

A custom Kapton heater is great for a warehouse because it’s designed for commercial and industrial environments. If you need a heater that’s highly durable, cost-effective, and flexible, a Kapton unit is a solid choice.

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