3 Times You Should Always Turn to a Professional for Plumbing Repair in Seabrook Island SC

3 Times You Should Always Turn to a Professional for Plumbing Repair in Seabrook Island SC

Burst pipes and flooding catastrophes are obvious times to call a plumber, but there are other seemingly simple problems that may tempt you to try a do-it-yourself solution instead of seeking professional Plumbing Repair in Seabrook Island, SC. While some of these common home plumbing problems may seem like easy fixes, there are times when it’s definitely a smart move to put down your wrench and call a plumber. Keep reading to learn about some innocent-sounding plumbing issues that may require professional attention.

Drains That Clog Frequently

Although unclogging a drain seems like a no-brainer, you could actually be causing damage if you’re constantly pouring cleaner down your drains. The chemicals found in popular unclogging agents are harsh enough to eat away at your pipes from the inside out if they’re used too frequently. If you have a drain that keeps clogging, the problem is probably deep and severe enough to need professional Plumbing Repair in Seabrook Island SC. Your plumber will have the tools needed to fix clogs and back-ups without harming your pipes.

Water Heater Issues

While it can be tempting to tinker with your water heater yourself, you’re probably better off calling a plumber if it’s on the fritz. The natural gas or electricity used to heat your water can pose a serious risk for inexperienced homeowners, and the complex nature of the unit makes it easy for a home handyman to cause more serious and expensive damage by making a wrong move. Instead, call an experienced professional for Plumbing Repair in Seabrook Island SC.

Plumbing problems in your home can often seem like an easy fix, but if they’re not properly diagnosed and repaired by a professional they can lead to serious damage in your home. If you’re experiencing any of the issues discussed above, it’s probably best to turn over the problem to an experienced plumber. Contact Smoak’s Comfort Control to learn more!

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