The Advantages of Going Robotic with Your Total Station

In the industry of land surveying, there are arguably few things as useful as the total station. The theodolite and the electronic distance measurement – or EDM – devices, once sold separately, play a key role in collecting the data needed for surveying. You know you need a total station for your surveying business or company – the question is, should you go with a traditional or robotic total station?

The Argument for Robotics

If you’re looking to invest in a robotic total station, there are several advantages these devices hold over traditional models that may pique your interest. These include:

  • The most accurate measurements possible.
  • Up to a 600% increase in productivity, as more tasks can be completed in less time.
  • Lower labor and overall costs for employers and company owners.
  • Real-time accessibility of data.
  • Fewer mistakes and less need for reworking.
  • Hassle-free quality checks.
  • Quality assurance, as a result.

Since it is pperated by a remote control, fewer employees are needed to conduct surveying operations. Multiple locations can be accounted for from one central position, and more calculations can be made in less time. Additionally, the potential one-the-job injury is lessened by allowing workers to operate these devices from a distance after placement. For those running land surveying companies, the robotic total station is a dream come true.

Industry Prevalence

What was once a luxury reserved for the biggest and most advanced surveying brands has become commonplace even with smaller, independent surveyors and groups. The robotic total station is available from a wide range of retailers, some of which deal exclusively with robotic models. Ask your local survey equipment merchant what model of the total station they recommend – and don’t be surprised if they show you the latest in robotics! Contact Frontier Precision for more information about our products and services.

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