Technicians Who Perform Septic Tank Cleaning in OH Help Property Owners Deal With Tree Roots in the System

Technicians Who Perform Septic Tank Cleaning in OH Help Property Owners Deal With Tree Roots in the System

Stopping tree roots from causing trouble with an underground sewer line can feel like an endless battle at times. When technicians perform Septic Tank Cleaning in OH, they can investigate the area around the tank and the pipe connected to the house to determine whether roots may be the cause of a recent sewer backup. If they are pumping the tank for a routine cleaning rather than resolving problems, they can still check for potential issues with tree roots that could cause backups in the near future.

Cut the Trees Down?

Aggravated property owners may wonder whether having the trees near the system cut down would be a good idea. Unfortunately, this rarely helps the situation. Root systems can continue to grow after the tree is gone if new sprouts and suckers are still popping up from the soil.

Choosing the Right Plants

For a vacant lot or one with a new home that does not yet have any landscaping, the owners can ask septic tank technicians about the best options for planting near the system to prevent issues with tree roots. Smaller bushes and shrubs are best for this part of the land. They should be planted as far from the tank and sewer pipe as is feasible.

Precision Application of Herbicide

Often, however, people buy rural residential property that already has an abundance of trees, and they must deal with the consequences. One way technicians who perform Septic Tank Cleaning in OH resolve problems with roots is to treat the area around the sewer line and the tank with specific herbicides. Those products kill the roots within this part of the soil, but the tree does not take up the poison and is otherwise unaffected.

These chemicals should be applied whenever routine tank cleaning is done. After the first application, the homeowners may want to schedule another appointment a year later so technicians from a company such as Bluffton Aeration Services can see whether tree roots are in evidence again. Tenacious root systems may require yearly herbicide applications to keep them at bay. Visit the website to learn more about this particular company. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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