Starting a Claim with an Auto Accident Attorney in Nassau County, NY

Starting a Claim with an Auto Accident Attorney in Nassau County, NY

In New York, auto accidents lead to severe injuries and damaged vehicles. Luckily, the events are often covered by the right auto insurance policies. When a driver is at fault, it is their responsibility to provide adequate compensation. An auto accident attorney in Nassau County, NY helps victims manage their claim when compensation wasn’t provided.

Who Was at Fault in the Accident?

The officers conduct a full investigation of the accident and interview all drivers. The findings define which driver was at fault. According to auto accident laws, the at-fault driver must provide coverage for the victim’s injuries and auto repair expenses. The driver files a claim through their insurer for all injuries and costs.

When a Driver Wasn’t Insured

If the driver wasn’t insured, the victim or victims must file a legal claim to collect compensation. The claim must include all financial losses for the claimants. The losses often include medical expenses, lost wages, and auto repair costs on a clear estimate. An attorney helps the victims start their claim and gather evidence to support the claim.

When the Type of Claim Changes

The claim type changes only if the victim dies from their injuries. When this happens, their family files a wrongful death claim instead. The wrongful death lawsuit must identify conditions that were avoidable. The claim must include funeral expenses and further financial losses incurred by the family.

What Expenses Are Covered by the Monetary Award?

Any financial losses incurred by the claimant are included in the legal claim. The claim must show a total cost based on invoices from the victim’s doctor, an earnings statement from their employer, and any additional losses. Typically, at least three estimates are included in the claim for auto repair costs.

In New York, auto accidents often involve circumstances such as DUI. The criminal infraction deems the driver at fault and leads to monetary awards in two different courts. The driver must provide compensation for the victims who sustained injuries in the accidents. Victims who need assistance can contact an auto accident attorney in Nassau County, NY through the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III or visit right now.

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