Guide to Residential Window Replacement in Ellicott City MD

Guide to Residential Window Replacement in Ellicott City MD

Maryland homeowners hire contractors for Residential Window Replacement in Ellicott City MD. Replacing windows in an entire home is a significant investment that a homeowner will not want to repeat. It is essential to carefully consider all the options and to choose the right contractor so that the best results are achieved the first time. Selecting the best windows and hiring the right contractor does not need to be difficult if the homeowner follows these suggestions.

Choose Energy-Efficiency

An estimated 25% to 35% of residential heating and cooling costs are due to heat gain or loss through windows. Selecting the most efficient windows possible within the budget will help keep a home more comfortable and save money each month on utility bills.

Excellent Resale Value

A homeowner can expect to receive approximately 73% of their window investment back when they resell the home. Choosing the wrong window, however, will detract from the home’s overall look and can lower a home’s value. Be sure to match the look of the original windows to preserve the resale value.

Quality Installation

A homeowner could select the most energy-efficient, high-quality windows on the market, but a poor installation job could negate all efficiency gains, and potentially void the manufacturer’s warranty. Hiring a skilled window installation contractor is essential to achieving the desired results on the installation project. Hire a contractor who has significant experience installing the chosen brand of windows.

Finding an Experienced Contractor

Ask local family, friends, and neighbors about window installation contractors they have used, and talk about their experiences. Were they happy with the service they received? Have their windows held up well? Would they use the same company again? Read online reviews from former customers on websites such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Avoid companies with some negative reviews. Contact a minimum of three installation companies, such as Liberty Roofing Window & Siding, for a free estimate for Residential Window Replacement in Ellicott City MD. Do not assume that the lowest estimate will be the right contractor to choose. Ask for a written bid that details the materials cost, labor, and any disposal fees. Hire the contracting company that you believe will bring the best value to the window replacement project.

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