Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney in Tumwater, WA When Your Loved One Has Been Taken

Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney in Tumwater, WA When Your Loved One Has Been Taken

A terrible time in the life of a family is when a family member is gone because a wrongful death against him or her. It isn’t much consolation, but there are legal remedies that family members can take to get awarded damages to help offset the losses possibly suffered because of the loved one who is gone. A Wrongful Death Attorney in Tumwater WA helps clients whose loved one has died because of a wrongful death. Here are some things clients need to understand the law when they are suing for the wrongful death.

Understanding the Laws about Wrongful Death in Washington

The first thing a family member might want to keep in mind is that he or she has three years from the date of the wrongful death to file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the deceased loved one. If this deadline is missed, the opportunity to have the case heard will be gone, and there will not be an opportunity to be awarded damages. The family member must be sure to get a personal injury attorney right away to avoid missing this important deadline.

Other Things to Understand about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Damages that are awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit and will go to the estate of the deceased to cover anything that the deceased party may owe. If the deceased person is a minor, such as the child of a parent, then the damages will be awarded to the parent. It should be kept in mind that the insurance company of the defendant may try to lay part of the blame on the deceased person, but the right attorney can help fight this.

Who to Call in Washington

Putnam Lieb Potvin is attorneys who have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Tumwater, Washington area for many years. In addition to providing services for wrongful death lawsuits, the attorneys also take cases for workers’ compensation and disability lawsuits. If there are any individuals in need of a Wrongful Death Attorney in Tumwater WA, the attorneys are available. For more information, visit

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