Are You Looking for Professional Septic Tank Replacement in Allentown, PA?

Are You Looking for Professional Septic Tank Replacement in Allentown, PA?

A well-designed septic tank system can last for many decades if maintained and looke after but inevitably, all systems will eventually need replacing. Many rural properties and towns use septic tank systems to store and process sewerage but there are times when the system fails or breaks down. In these cases, it is vital to know what signs of imminent failure to look for so that the professionals can be called out to repair it.

Will You Need a Replacement Septic Tank?

Septic tanks usually do a great job of storing waste and processing it but there are times when this system can break down. So, how do you know when you might need a septic tank replacement or repair? Here are some warning signs that you might need an emergency septic tank replacement in Allentown, PA:

  • Gurgles: Septic tank systems that are working well will transport waste water away from home efficiently. One where the system is blocked or in disrepair will cause water to drain slowly from drains in the house, including toilets. In the worst cases, the blockage can be so bad that the sewerage backs up into the premises.
  • Smells: When the drain field around the tank is saturated with unprocessed effluent, there will be an overpowering odor in the area. This is causes by raw effluent seeping into the drain field soil and rising to the surface. At this point, you may need an immediate septic tank replacement done.
  • Plants: Raw effluent is a great fertilizer for plants. Where there is raw effluent, there is also usually an abundance of grass and plants.

Stay Healthy

If there is raw effluent around the home, it is crucial not to go near it because the raw waste material is a health hazard! Visit Daniel C. Kiriposki Inc. for more information.

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