Eliminating a Wet Basement in Wakefield, MA

Eliminating a Wet Basement in Wakefield, MA

Far too many homeowners don’t make use of basement areas simply because the space is too wet. Since most basements are quite large, that’s a lot of wasted space. When a wet basement in Wakefield MA is properly dealt with, the square footage can be used for expanding the home’s living area. That means the family can enjoy a new entertainment area, additional bedrooms, or hobby spaces. Homeowners with wet basements are always encouraged to contact local experts to determine how to best deal with water issues.

Evaluate the Problem

Before any waterproofing system is installed, it’s important to understand the root causes of the basement water problems. In some cases, the home’s yard is not properly sloped, which means the first thing to do is improve the site’s drainage. In other cases, a high water table is creating pressure that forces water into the basement. Many homes also have faulty or non-existent gutters, and that allows water to freely cascade off the roof and pool around the home’s foundation.

Develop a Mitigation Strategy

To come up with a plan to deal with the wet basement, contact a local expert. There is no need to live with a wet basement in Wakefield MA, as the professionals have various techniques available to eliminate the problem. Once the cause of the problem is determined, the waterproofing professionals will recommend one or more strategies to handle the problem. The techniques recommended will depend on the type of construction, the amount of water entering the basement, and other factors.

Monitoring the Control System

The use of a sump pump is often part of the recommended solution, especially if a French drain is installed. To provide peace of mine, installers suggest property owners install PumpSpy Technology to monitor the system. That allows property owners to track the system’s operation from anywhere and know instantly if a problem develops. That’s a huge step forward from the past when a failed sump pump would allow water to flood the basement.

Take control of your home now. Don’t let a wet basement keep your family from making the best use of that square footage. Browse our website for more information on waterproofing solutions that will enhance your home’s value.

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