Drainage Systems In Boston, MA Will Keep Your Building Dry

Drainage Systems In Boston, MA Will Keep Your Building Dry

With all of the rain over the last year, many owners have noticed an increase of moisture, mold, and increased humidity in their basements and crawl spaces. The increased rainfall has helped owners to determine they have a problem that needs to be corrected. The reason for these problems is due to faulty drainage systems in Boston MA.

A wet basement or crawlspace can cause deterioration to a building and health problems. Waterproofing by an experienced company will eliminate the problem and improve the air quality and safety of a building. Waterproofing involves more than painting a wall to hide the mold and water spots.

Internal Drainage

A French drain system can be installed around the footer of a basement. These drains can be installed inside or outside of a building. The drain system removes water from the footer of the structure and eliminates hydrostatic pressure from damaging the walls.

Internal drainage systems in Boston MA eliminate the need for excavation around a building and avoid the need to replace landscaping, trees, driveways, and sidewalks. Internal drains will be connected to a sump pump pit at the lowest point of the basement. A pump connected to a vertical pipe will remove the water from the building.

Benefits Of Internal Drainage System

An internal drainage system can be monitored more easily than an external drain. The outside drain tile is not usually guaranteed and may clog over time. Damage to external pipes is common because they crush easily and ribbing restricts water flow.

Internal French drains are guaranteed, and excavated soil is replaced with stone. The stone will eliminate silt from clogging the pipe. Internal drains can be easily repaired because they can be visually inspected from the inside. Radon gas can also be easily vented to the outside of a home.

A wet basement can lead to severe damage to a basement wall. Older buildings require additional care when installing a French drain system. In addition to a French drain system, the walls can be lined with a special wall wrap to reduce moisture, mold, and gasses from entering the structure. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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