Creating Special Gifts: How Embroidery in Kansas City Adds the Right Touch

Creating Special Gifts: How Embroidery in Kansas City Adds the Right Touch

Many people prefer to give their loved ones things that are both practical and attractive. One of the ways to take something that is mundane and turn it into a great gift is to consider professional Embroidery in Kansas City. Here are a few ideas to consider for that upcoming birthday or any other occasion that calls for giving a gift.

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are practical, especially for people who travel a lot. When looking for a gift that will bring a smile to the face of any traveler, think about a set of tags that are enhanced with the aid of Embroidery in Kansas City. The embellishment to such a common item makes them more personalized. The presence of those tags will also come in handy when the traveler reaches the intended designation and is watching for the bags to come around on the carousel in the baggage claim area. The tags will stand out from the rest, making it all the easier to grab the right bag the first time.
Key Covers

People who have chains laden with keys for work, keys for home and keys for other things can spend quite a bit of time finding the key that is needed at the moment. Think about the idea of making embroidered covers that fit neatly over the head of the keys. Each one can be a different color, allowing the user to quickly find that purple key needed for unlocking the front door. As a bonus, the material used for the embroidery will reduce the jangling that the keys make when in a pants pocket.

Custom Pot Holders

A friend just moved into a new home and wanted to outfit the kitchen with new accessories. Consider the idea of purchasing a set of pot holders and gloves that in the primary kitchen color, them embroidering them using some of the secondary colors. The result is a unique design that is like nothing anyone could purchase in the store. Since they are decorative as well a practical, the recipient may want to keep them on display when not in use.

For more ideas on how to use embroidery as a way to make a basic gift more interesting, contact us today. With a little discussion, it will be easy to find something that is just right for the occasion.

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