What to Know About Ethically Made Sustainable Clothing

What to Know About Ethically Made Sustainable Clothing

Ethically made sustainable clothing is becoming more mainstream as some major fashion brands are starting to make changes. Ethically made clothing is designed and manufactured with consideration of the people and communities and it minimizes the environmental impact. Brands that are concerned with this issue are true to it from the cotton seeds all the way to the finished products, and people are treated fairly throughout the entire supply chain.

Sustainable Clothing

When you are interested in ethically made sustainable clothing, you have quite a few options. Many people choose an ethically made hoodie. It can be soft, breathable, and moisture wicking, and it has the hood, facecover, and thumbholes you need to be protected from the elements. It is ethically made with eco-friendly yarn, and it uses an eco-friendly material, EcoVero viscose, which is soft the way cotton is but it resembles polyester.

Sustainable Sizing

In addition, ethically made sustainable clothing uses eco sizing. This helps to reduce pollution and deadstock, or old clothing inventory that doesn’t sell. Eco Sizing is a sustainable sizing model where every item is designed to comfortably fit both men and women, and they are true to size. The eco-friendly hoodie is designed to be form-fitting, and it has a built-in neck gaiter to cover your face. The thumbholes allow you to keep warm but still use your fingers.

A company that manufactures sustainable clothing doesn’t “Greenwash,” which is what businesses do when they use deceptive marketing to say they are environmentally friendly. This type of company cares about the people, communities, and processes, and uses ethical and sustainable processes.

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