Crafting a Plan to Make and Deliver BBQ from Your Catering Business

Crafting a Plan to Make and Deliver BBQ from Your Catering Business

Imagine the smell of BBQ wafting through your home when you start your own catering business. Before you begin delivering food to customers, you’ll need to determine what kind of BBQ you’re going to prepare and some of the side items that you’re going to offer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for getting started with your smokehouse BBQ catering in Saint Louis company so that you deliver the best foods to customers that are full of flavor.

Customer Base

When you’re deciding on the foods to prepare, you need to consider your customer base. If you want to serve customers who are younger, then you might want to consider spicy foods or those that are a bit tangy compared to those that are a little easier to eat for older customers.


After deciding what kind of food you’re going to serve when you start your smokehouse BBQ catering in Saint Louis company, you need to get all of the supplies that you’re going to need. Try to get pans in different sizes as well as covers for them so that you have containers for delivering food to your customers. You’re also going to need to have the sauces that you need on hand as well as the ingredients to make side dishes that are served with BBQ, such as beans or slaw.


You’re going to need a way to transport all of the foods that you prepare for their destinations. A truck is a good investment to make because it’s usually large enough to hold all of the pans and other items that you need to deliver. Make sure you have a way to keep foods hot or cold during the transit process so that they are as fresh as possible when customers enjoy their BBQ and side dishes. Follow our Facebook page today!

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