5 Reasons to Love Brunch

Brunch is more than breakfast and lunch combined. It must have been a portmanteau coined by someone else who knows how wonderful it is to sleep in during the weekends. That’s just one reason to love it. Here are a couple more.

You’re in a relaxing mood

You know you can take your time when you go out to have brunch with friends and family. Pick one of the breakfast restaurants in Abington MA and settle down for a noisy, chaotic, and fun meal.

You get breakfast specials

If you’re early enough, you could just be in time for the breakfast menu. Enjoy a hearty plate of waffles, omelets, and pancakes drowning in honey or packed with a lot of whipped cream. Don’t forget the sausage and bacon along with the golden French fries on the side. You’ll waddle out of the door, happy and satisfied with having started your day right.

You get lunch specials

Wait awhile and you’ll get the lunch specials. Enjoy sandwiches, salads, and lunch specials that give you homemade goodness and old-school favorites. From chicken that’s been grilled to perfection to a hotdog with baked beans or baked mac and cheese to juicy, scrumptious plates of burgers, choose breakfast restaurants in Abington MA that offer these old-time favorites, step into the nostalgia and have a nosh.

You can bring your kids

Brunch meals can last for a good two hours. Spend that time catching up and listening to family and friends, the Metro says. Have tiny tots with you? Pick a breakfast joint with a family-friendly atmosphere and you should be good to go.
You get desserts

What’s better than having a dessert? It’s having them while you linger over a pretty good brunch. Go for a slice of homemade apple crisp or dig into the sweetness of tapioca pudding. End your meal on the right note by satisfying your sweet tooth.

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