3 Reasons Why Your Roof May Not Be as Efficient as You Think It Is

3 Reasons Why Your Roof May Not Be as Efficient as You Think It Is

A roof is one of those things most people don’t give much thought to until it’s necessary, but you shouldn’t just wait until you are dealing with a leak or storm damage to call on roofing contractors in Birmingham, AL, for assistance. A roof that’s inefficient also needs attention. Here are three reasons why your roof may not be as efficient as you might think it is.

1. You Have Loose Shingles or Flashing

A slow accumulation of water under loose shingles could create cracks and other types of damage on layers below your roof’s surface. This could provide openings for moisture and air. Gaps around the flashing that surrounds your chimney and other roof protrusions can have the same effect.

2. Your Ventilation Isn’t Sufficient

Roofs are normally designed with vents below the edge and/or on top. But if air isn’t flowing as intended, air could be directed to your attic. This could result in damage to the underside of your roof where it’s exposed in your attic, which could contribute to the development of new entry points in your home for outside elements.

3. Your Home Is Near Trees

Simply having trees around your home doesn’t automatically mean your roof is inefficient. However, if you don’t regularly have your tree branches trimmed, you are at an increased risk of damage from flying branches and debris when there are storms or strong winds. Over time, this type of damage may gradually weaken your roof’s surface and make it less efficient.

A common sign of a roof that’s not as efficient as you would like it to be is utility bills that are slowly rising without a clear reason. If you do suspect that your roof may not be doing its job as well as it once did, roofing contractors in Birmingham, AL, can give you an honest assessment to help you determine what options you have available.

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