Should I Upgrade or Should I Replace My Current Fire Alarm System?

Should I Upgrade or Should I Replace My Current Fire Alarm System?

You would never argue that fire alarm systems for Louisville, KY, residence or business are anything less than essential. Even so, it’s been some time since your system received attention other than basic maintenance. You feel that something needs to be done, but should you go with upgrades to the existing system or replace it entirely? Consider these three attributes and the answer will soon be clear.

The Age of Your Current System

How long has your current system been in place? Like many other types of protective equipment, finding replacement parts for an older system can be difficult. Over time, you can forget about finding original parts and may have to rely on components produced by third parties. If you’re already at this point with your older system, it’s time to seriously look at replacing it.

Available Features and Functionality

How happy are you with the functionality of the current system? Does it really provide the range of protections that you want? If you’re wondering what additional features and options are available today, it never hurts to look at the current crop of available fire alarm systems in Louisville, KY, and see what you think. If there’s a particular feature you would like to add but it would be difficult with the current setup, it’s time for a new one.

The Change in Your Space Since the Last Installation

What was the building like when the current system was installed? If it’s undergone quite a bit of change since then, what you have in place could be inadequate. That’s true even if it’s still in compliance with local safety regulations. If some changes are in order and upgrades are not practical, the best bet is to look at a new fire alarm system and select one for a new installation.

The choice is yours. Are you happy with the level of protection that your current system offers? Would you like to make some changes? If so, have an expert take a close look at what’s already in place. Find out what it would take to upgrade the system and how the cost would compare with installing a new one. Based on which approach would provide the most benefits, it will be easy to make a decision. For more information, please contact Sonitol today.

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