2 Basic Types of Detoxification Models

2 Basic Types of Detoxification Models

What Detox Is

Detoxification refers to the process or interventions that happen when addicts transition from substance abuse or dependence to sobriety. It usually comes with a lot of withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, the symptoms could be acute, uncomfortable, and dangerous at times. That’s why it’s recommended that detoxification occur in facilities where there’s medical supervision as well as medication. This is not only to ease and help manage the symptoms, but it’s also to keep the individual safe while they’re undergoing the recovery.

Basic Models

Medical: This is when the detox is handled by doctors and nurses. They will prescribe medications to control the symptoms, making the process comfortable and safe for you.

Social: In this model, the detox doesn’t happen in a clinical environment. Group and individual counseling take the place of medications. This is ideal for recovering addicts who can take advantage of the alcohol or drug-free environment.

Whatever kind of model you choose largely depends on your condition. Social models might work for individuals who are still in the early stages of the addiction, when withdrawal symptoms aren’t acute yet. However, for those whose withdrawal symptoms are too intense, medical detox centers are a much better choice, says the American Addiction Centers. This is because some withdrawals can cause irregular heartbeats that could lead to cardiac arrest and death.

Where It Happens

There are many ways to get the help you need. You could also go to the county health, mental health, or substance abuse office to find out who to approach or where to go for recovery assistance. A good Malibu detox center like Serenity Malibu offers a comprehensive treatment program you can explore, one that includes an assessment of the root causes of your addiction. Knowing why it happened in the first place and what triggers your substance abuse can help you manage the addiction better.

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