Why Your Illinois Medical Practice Needs to Invest in Mobile PET Scans

Why Your Illinois Medical Practice Needs to Invest in Mobile PET Scans

As a medical professional who runs their own business, you know how difficult it can be to balance the needs of your patients and the needs of a medical practice. You want to provide the best care to all your patients, but often the tools you need to do so aren’t conveniently available to you or your patient or might be too costly for you to do in-house. One way to improve the quality of care you provide and to help your medical business stay open is to utilize a mobile cardiac PET scan service.

What Is a Mobile PET Scan

Mobile PET scans are a spin on a tried and true technology. These mobile units contain the exact PET systems that are found in offices, except they are housed in a mobile unit. These units are operated by experienced professionals who are licensed and accredited.

Financial Benefit

Often, it is too expensive to install and maintain PET scan systems in your own practice. Mobile PET scans allow you to gather all the diagnosis information you need to help your patients without having to incur the cost of operating your own equipment.

Patient and Provider Benefit

A mobile cardiac PET scan is incredibly convenient for patients, as a scan only takes about 25 to 35 minutes. These mobile services can also work around your schedule, coming around weekly to daily, depending on your needs.

To learn more about how a mobile cardiac PET scan service can improve your medical practice, please visit Cardiac Imaging, Inc today.

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