Why You Need an Attorney to Handle Your MN Workers Comp Case

Why You Need an Attorney to Handle Your MN Workers Comp Case

Workers comp is an insurance that helps to cover employees who are injured or receive an illness at their workplace. The variety of conditions covered by MN workers comp include injuries that occur as a result of repetitive activities, mental conditions and severe traumatic injury. While MN law requires employers to provide workers’ comp fairly to every injured worker, some employers may try to get out of providing fair compensation. In that case, you may need a workers’ comp attorney.

Employers Claiming Your Injury Is Not Work-Related

Your employee may try to claim that your injury is not due to a condition at work. They may claim you it is a pre-existing condition, or believe that you obtained the condition due to your activities at home. An attorney will be a valuable resource to prove that your condition is work-related.

Your Settlement May Be Too Low

When you receive a MN workers comp settlement, the money you are offered should be enough to include lost wages and medical bills. If the money that is offered to you does not include these things, a workers’ comp attorney can help you obtain a settlement that is more fair to you.

Other Reasons You Should Obtain an Attorney

Some situations are more complicated than a simple workers comp case, and you should consider hiring an attorney to make sure that your rights are adequately protected.

These situations include an inability to return to work, involvement of a co-worker in your accident, reliance upon Social Security benefits, or your employers trying to penalize you because you have filed a claim for workers’ comp.

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