Why You Might Want an Auto Accident Lawyer in Luzerne County, PA

Why You Might Want an Auto Accident Lawyer in Luzerne County, PA

Automobile accidents can go horribly for the people involved in the accident, especially if they are seriously injured or someone dies. Accidents like these can end up turning into a personal injury lawsuit, but in some states and commonwealths, such as Pennsylvania, the injured party may not have a case unless the injury is of a specific type. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Luzerne County PA understands these cases and assists clients in preparing their lawsuit against the party causing the injury. Here are some things that clients should know about personal injury law concerning auto accidents.

Auto Accident Law in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, automobile accidents fall under a “no-fault” clause, which means that each party’s insurance company is responsible for handling the injuries to the driver and damages to the vehicle. The only way the other driver can be held responsible is if the injury is such that is causes permanent damage to the injured party, such as a loss of limbs or permanent scarring. It will be up to the injured party’s attorney to prove this sort of injury sometimes when it is not obvious.

More about Auto Accident Law in Pennsylvania

If the party decides that a personal injury lawsuit will be filed, there is a two-year window in which the lawsuit must be filed in a civil court, otherwise, the case may never be heard. The injured party will also lose the opportunity to be awarded damages from the lawsuit and will be left responsible for any bills or damage to the property. It is also possible that the other party can prove that the injured party was partly responsible for the accident.

An Attorney in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to Help

Since the other party could prove that the injured party was more than 50 percent responsible for the accident, it is important for the injured party to hire a competent attorney. The Law Office of Robert D. Elias is an example of a law firm that handles automobile accident cases in Pennsylvania. If a party needs to consult with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Luzerne County PA, the law firm is available. To get more information, visit the website at and go to where directed to “Click here.” You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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