Why Winter is a Good Time for Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut

Why Winter is a Good Time for Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut

Many contemporary property owners seem to be under the impression that tree service employees hibernate during the winter. Thankfully, this is not the case. Not only are tree service contractors committed to tackling unexpected emergencies such as ice and snow damage, but many companies remain in operation throughout the entire winter.

This is cause for celebration for property owners interested in Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut since winter is one of the best possible times to have tree work performed. Read on to find out why.

Less Change of Spreading Disease

Many of the insects, parasites, bacteria, and fungi that negatively impact trees remain dormant throughout the coldest months of the year. This makes winter a good time to remove a diseased tree. Leaving it until spring will only increase the chances of other nearby specimens falling prey to the same problems.

Get Ready for Spring

Since most plants are dormant in the winter, there’s less chance of causing damage to nearby landscaping features. This will make it much easier for property owners to get their yards ready for spring since they won’t have to worry about replanting flower beds or replacing small shrubs that have been damaged during Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut.

Avoid Property Damage

Connecticut winters often bring a good deal of snow and ice. This can wind up damaging trees or branches that have been weakened due to disease or unusual growth patterns. Removing those trees or branches before they fall and cause damage to nearby structures is the best way to avoid a much higher bill next time a serious storm rolls through.

Make Evaluations Easier

Evaluating the structure of a tree is much simpler when it isn’t covered in leaves. It will be obvious to a tree service contractor if a tree’s branches are dead or weakened or if the entire tree is at risk of crashing down the next time it snows. It can be harder to recognize damage during the warmer months when leaves are present.

Get Help Today

Need to find an arborist who can remove dead branches or entire trees safely? Northeast Horticultural Services can help. Visit the Website today to learn how.

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