Why Pre-Plan Cremation in Bel Air?

Why Pre-Plan Cremation in Bel Air?

Many people indicate a preference for Cremation in Bel Air because they want something inexpensive and simple when they die. What most do not realize is that cremation can cost the same amount of money as a funeral. Any visitation or viewing, for example, requires the deceased to be embalmed. That means services of a funeral director, the cost of the embalming process, and the cost of the funeral home space.

Saving the Price of a Burial Vault

Sometimes, the only difference between the cost of a funeral and the cost of Cremation in Bel Air is the price of the burial vault. Granted, that can save as much as three-thousand dollars, but will still leave tens of thousands of dollars in costs. Flowers, a ceremony, memorial items, and a meal or reception costs the same for the family whether the deceased is cremated or buried.

Plan Ahead

The only way to ensure a simple and inexpensive cremation is to plan it before you die. Once arrangements are pre-planned and paid for, people can have peace of mind that their wishes will be honoured. This process also relieves grieving family members of the burden of making decisions, covering costs, and being pressured to upgrade every aspect of the process.

Direct Cremation

The best way to keep cremation simple is to pre-plan a direct cremation. This includes no embalming, no viewing, no ceremony, and no frills. It is the most cost-effective option, allows the family to grieve in peace, and takes very little time. The cremated remains can be picked up, mailed to a family member, or buried.


Professional and compassionate staff at experienced end-of-life businesses, such as Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services, can assist people with pre-planning selections. Those interested can discuss desires in person or click here for assistance and guidance on the website.

It is recommended that people who pre-plan arrangements discuss them with family, so there are no surprises at the time of death. Family and friends can always plan a memorial service at a later date, have a celebration of life, or keep the event private.

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