Why Park Homes in Dallas, TX Are in Demand

Why Park Homes in Dallas, TX Are in Demand

“Everything is bigger in Texas” may be an unofficial state slogan, but it definitely does not apply to the region’s housing trends. Today, area house buyers often look for ways to downsize without sacrificing luxury. Many are finding solutions with the help of contractors like Platinum Cottages. As providers of quality Park Homes in Dallas TX, the builders create compact, affordable homes that offer exceptional design options and quality construction.

Clients Can Design Their Own Cottages

Park Homes in Dallas TX, are favorites among those searching for guest houses, vacation bungalows, and weekend retreats. However, it is also common for prospective clients searching sites like to choose year round homes. The bungalows can be customized to suit virtually any taste and a wide range of budgets. Customers are offered a choice of countertops, including elegant granite styles. They can choose unique tiles, cabinets, and flooring. Many owners also order porches and patios. Roofs are available in various colors, and builders offer exterior materials to create looks ranging from seaside cottages to log cabins.

Compact Homes Are Affordable to Buy and Own

Customers often order luxury park cottages when they want affordable, beautifully appointed homes. Contractors use exceptionally high-quality materials when they create the houses, and craftsmen ensure that every detail is perfect. Durable, easy-maintenance cottages remain beautiful for decades and are energy efficient. Homes cost far less to buy and maintain than traditional housing.

Park Cottages Fit Well Into Resort Living

Whether customers want to enjoy casual living year-round or part-time, park cottages make it simple. The space-saving homes are actually classified as RVs even though they have no holding tanks. Once built, contractors will move them to RV parks or resorts where they are hooked into utilities and become complete homes. Neighborhoods vary from rustic parks with old-west charm to carefully paved and manicured resorts. Most include amenities like pools, barbecue areas, entertainment, and even local stores.

The trend toward simpler living has extended to the Lone Star State, creating a demand for compact, custom cottages. The space and energy-efficient houses cost much less to buy and own than traditional homes but still include exceptional amenities. They are also popular because they can be moved to resorts and parks that offer casual living and exceptional amenities. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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