Why Home Plumbing Pipes Break

Why Home Plumbing Pipes Break

The specter of bad plumbing is something every homeowner should be on the watch for, including the possibility of busted water pipes. To watch for signs that your home’s pipes may break, which would necessitate broken pipes repair in Jonesboro, GA from your local plumber, check for these common factors that can cause a pipe breakage.

Old Pipes

A pipe may break simply due to old age. Over an extended period, the chemicals and acid properties in water can erode the surface of a pipe. This is a particular problem with old pipes made of steel, as steel is very vulnerable to corrosion. Alkaline water can also degrade the walls of old pipes. Sometimes corroded water can show up in a house. Brown water flowing from a sink or in a bathtub is a sign that your pipes are probably corroded.

Freezing Temperatures

Ground freeze is a natural cause of many pipe breakages. When temperatures drop below freezing, water inside pipes can solidify into ice. When this occurs, you end up with added pressure inside the walls of the pipe, increasing the likelihood that the pipe will crack or bust open. A broken pipes repair in Jonesboro, GA, followed by the wrapping of your other existing pipes from the cold weather, will likely be needed.

Tree Roots

Do you have a tree on your property? You should make sure it’s not growing near one of your pipes. Tree roots that grow near your underground plumbing can eventually strike a pipe and bust it open. Even if the pipe is strong, a tree root can still ensnare it as the tree grows. In time, the root can squeeze the pipe until it cracks.

A busted pipe can be caused by a number of factors. Homeowners that call in plumbers for broken pipes repair in Jonesboro may also want to examine the reasons for their pipe breakage to prevent future plumbing trouble. Visit to get more information!

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