Why Dental Implants?

Your teeth mean more than you know. They make up a very important part of your face; the mouth. Thus they should be perfect and attractive. With dental implants in Kaneohe, you can be able to get the look that you deserve.

Dental implants are artificial roots that are inserted to the jaw bone to replace the natural roots. More often, they are made of titanium metal. After they have been fixed an artificial tooth, which is normally a crown, is fixed. They serve as a perfect solution for missing teeth/a tooth.
The fact that they are used to replace lost teeth makes them crucial in ensuring that the jaw bone structure is maintained. Bacteria that could corrode the bone are barred. On the same end, once they have been used on a patient their natural look is restored after teeth loss. In addition to this, they rectify chewing and pronunciation flaws.

Usually, your dentist might refer you to a specialist in the field of dental implants Kaneohe. These experts could be periodontics or oral surgeons. Before they carry out the procedure they have to consider some factors.

These include the condition of your gums. They have to be healthy. In case they establish that you are suffering from any gum disease, they will first treat it and maybe later they can do the implant.

Another criterion they use to determine whether or not you qualify for a dental implant is your jaw bone. This has to be sufficient to allow for drilling. On the same end, it has to be strong enough. This will guarantee the anchorage of the crown or bridge.

Thereafter, they schedule an appointment for the surgery.

When it comes to taking care of dental implants, the same applies as in natural teeth. The implants need to be brushed and flossed regularly. This will ensure that they last long and that you have proper oral hygiene.

Tooth loss should no longer hinder you from having the look that you cherish and desire. With dental implants Kaneohe this is fixed. They are easy to maintain, fast to insert and serve the purpose of natural teeth.

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