Why Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore is a Good Investment

Why Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore is a Good Investment

When homeowners think of protecting their home, they envision alarm systems and signs warning potential intruders that their home is protected. Rarely do homeowners think of Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore as a means of protection, which is unfortunate really, as odds are a home is more at risk of invasion by water than a burglar. Basements serve the vital function of support and a weak support system or foundation leads to structural damage.

A Wet Basement Affects More Than the Structure

Waterproofing a basement is important for the health of the home’s occupants as it prevents the formation of hazardous mold. Mold spores can cause health problems for everyone especially those with compromised immune systems or breathing difficulties. Mold prefers moist, dark environments like basements, so make yours inhospitable to mold by having it waterproofed.

Waterproofing is an Investment in Equity

If you have participated in a real estate transaction, then you are aware that prior or current presence of water in a basement must be disclosed. Many home buyers don’t think to ask if a home’s basement has been waterproofed and most homeowners don’t realize the return on the investment that can be gained from having their basement waterproofed by Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC. According to real estate professionals, waterproofing a basement can result in 100% return on investment, and often the warranties on waterproofing are transferable to new owners.

Protect the Foundation and Structure

Home’s located in wet areas or locations where the soil maintains a high moisture level are at higher risk of damage due to water leaks or seepage. Water seeks the path of least resistance, so corners, joints, and edges where the foundation walls meet are likely points of entry. Foundations naturally shift and settle over time creating the potential for cracks in the foundation. Left unaddressed, water can enter through the cracks, causing further damage and shifting of the foundation.

Another benefit of Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore is preventing valuables and belongings from being harmed. Most homeowners utilize their basements for storage purposes to keep collectibles, memorabilia, or seasonal items. Others may have their basements finished to increase living space. In either case, one wants to prevent water seepage that can damage or destroy, stored items, furniture, carpeting, and wall-coverings.

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