Wholesale Automotive Parts in Wisconsin: Focusing on Big Rig Wheels

A fleet of semi trucks and trailers builds up enormous mileage on the wheels. The owner may need wheel replacement on occasion and appreciates discount pricing from a supplier. That supplier would be well-advised to join a wheel program from a wholesaler of Automotive Parts in Wisconsin. This program allows the retail supplier to provide very reasonable pricing to loyal customers who have numerous trucks on the road at all times and thus do a great deal of parts business to keep those vehicles running safely.

Semi trucks and trailers can legally weigh up to 80,000 lbs. on roads that allow these vehicles. A single axle is allowed to carry 20,000 lbs. Trailers that routinely haul very heavy loads have a lot of pressure applied to the wheels. These may be flatbed trailers hauling lumber, concrete or pipes. They might be enclosed trailers hauling refrigerators or freezers. Even a load of canned food or dairy products can put substantial weight on trailer wheels.

In addition, the U.S. House of Representatives is considering a bill that would increase the maximum weight to 91,000 lbs. on federal highways. Agricultural organizations have put their support behind this bill as it would save money for farmers. Loads of products such as soybeans and dairy foods would not have to be split into lighter loads to transport them across the country. Research must be done on by the Department of Transportation on whether this idea is feasible, but it may go into effect at some point in the future. A previous study looked at the possibility of moving agricultural products at a maximum weight of 97,000 lbs. on a truck and trailer with six axles instead of five, noting that this would actually cause less wear and tear on highways.

A company that supplies wholesale Automotive Parts in Wisconsin may specialize in wheels and related components. A retailer may want to learn more about a company such as Business Name, as the experts there have set up a wheel program and they focus on components for a wide variety of vehicles. That program doesn’t have to just cover semi trailer wheels; it can include components for agricultural equipment, race cars and more.

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