Where To Buy Healthy Chew Bones For Dogs

Where To Buy Healthy Chew Bones For Dogs

Dog owners may have great intentions to avoid rawhide and only buy healthy chew bones for dogs, but then find they have challenges in finding these items in retail outlets. Often this is a problem that is easily overcome using a few simple strategies and a bit of time on the computer.

Start by finding the manufacturer of healthy chew bones for dogs. This can be done by asking for recommendations from your vet or from other dog owners and breeders. Immediately eliminate any products that contain rawhide as they pose a risk for choking, digestive upsets and even more serious digestive blockages. At the very least, these are dog chews that will stay in your pet’s stomach in excess of 24 hours, which is always a concern for any dog.

Search the Manufacturer’s Site

Once you have a manufacturer’s name, it is easy to go to their site. This is a terrific place to start learning about the product and to find out the ingredients used in the chew bones.

Look for products that use real chicken, peanut butter, baked pork skin, and milk. Some manufacturers even add vitamins and minerals that will be helpful to your pet throughout life.

The manufacturer may also provide a handy map for finding a retailer near you. Simply put in your location by city or town name or postal code and find a list of retailers near you.

Online Sites

Many dedicated pet food websites, as well as general, big-name types of shopping sites will also have a good selection of healthy chew bones for dogs from the manufacturers you like.

This provides a convenience factor, with the chew bones delivered right to your door. If there is not a retailer in your proximity, the online order option is a cost and time-saving feature to consider.

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