When to Contact a Water Testing Company in Medford, OR

The lesson of the events in Flint, Michigan have become a cautionary warning for everyone in the United States. No one should ever just assume that the water coming from their tap is safe. Even municipal water can be tainted, and even clean water can be corrupted by old plumbing. The dangers of bad water are severe. It is not only lead that can be present, but a number of heavy metals, chemicals and pathogens. With the assistance of a Water Testing Company Medford OR residents and business owners can allay their concerns and feel secure about the water they are drinking or providing to their families and customers.

Water testing should be done whenever a property changes hands, if there has been a problem with a nearby septic system or the taste, smell or appearance of the water changes. Home and business owners should consider having an annual test performed. Additional testing should also be ordered when an infant is brought into the household or if there are any elderly residents or people with compromised immune systems in the home.

By hiring a Water Testing Company Medford OR residents are not only able to determine that their water is safe, they can also review the hardness of the water as well. This will make it possible to know if a water softener or filtration system is needed. Follow up testing after installation will make it possible to determine if the system is functioning properly.

Poor quality water can lead to many health concerns. There are numerous contagions that can be passed through water pipes and heavy metal toxicity can lead to flu-like symptoms or become as severe as renal failure and neurological concerns. Hard water can also be frustrating by drying out the skin, staining sinks and tubs and preventing body wash and laundry soap from working properly.

The easy and affordable solution is through testing by a company like the Neilson Research Corporation. Correcting problems with wells and plumbing and installing filtration systems will ensure safety and can save money and time over the years when compared to purchasing bottled water. Testing also is used to identify community-wide problems that if left unchecked can be harmful for the community and the environment.

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