When To Contact A Professional For Trailer Service In Shingle Springs

When To Contact A Professional For Trailer Service In Shingle Springs

Trailers ease the burden associated with hauling and moving large items and, depending on their size and the towing capacity of the vehicle used to pull it, they may be capable of handling thousands of pounds at one time. Proper maintenance is essential, as it ensures a trailer is safe for use and prevents emergency issues from arising while it is in tow. Even with regular maintenance, some items may become damaged and require professional Trailer Service Shingle Springs to avoid future problems and reduce the liability associated with pulling the unit.

Tongue and Hitch Issues

A trailer attaches to a tow vehicle via a hitch and tongue, and if either of these items is damaged, the trailer should not be used. Both of these components are integral in keeping the trailer connected to the towing vehicle, and if they become damaged, it may cause the unit to become disconnected and result in a perilous driving situation. A professional will have the tools needed to secure the hitch and keep a driver and their possessions safe.

Axle-Related Problems

The wheels on a trailer are attached to one another via an axle, and in addition to allowing the wheels to turn freely, axles also bear the weight of the items on it. If an axle becomes damaged, it will cause the wheels to be out of alignment and may lead to fishtailing and cause the frame to make contact with the road. Let a professional Trailer Service Shingle Springs inspect any damaged axles and prevent a potentially life-threatening situation.

Electrical System Glitches

Trailers are equipped with lights for safety, and when connected to the electrical system of the pulling vehicle they will illuminate when the turn signal and brake lights are activated so that any drivers behind the trailer remain aware of the driver’s intentions. If the wires become damaged, it may lead to a short in the electrical system and prevent the lights from working.

When issues with a trailer arise, don’t fret. The team of qualified technicians at Vintage Transport offers expert service on any make or model unit and will have it ready for the road in no time. Check out to learn more and schedule a repair appointment today.

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