When Should You Call Wellington Florida Exterminators for Termites?

When Should You Call Wellington Florida Exterminators for Termites?

Your home is one of the most expensive investments you will most likely ever own. Making sure your home is safe from damage is crucial. One of the biggest pest threats to your home is found in termites. When these insects invade your home, they begin to eat away at the structure. They can quickly begin to devour all of the wood materials in your home, leaving it vulnerable and damaged. There are signs that can alert you of a termite infestation. By understanding the signs to look for, you can know when to contact the Wellington Florida Exterminators and have your problem brought under control.

What Signs Should You Look for to Know You Have Termites?

Dirt tunnels on your home — When termites invade your home, one of their first priorities is creating a shelter. You will often seen mud tunnels on the outside of your home, when you have an infestation. To test and see if the mud tunnels are being used by the termites, you can simply break off a piece of the tunnel. Keep an eye on it for a few days and if you see them rebuild it, contact your Wellington Florida Exterminators right away.

Swarming — Especially in the spring season, you will often see swarms of termites out in your yard. Though not always an indicator, this can often mean you have termites in your home. If you see swarms around your home, it is best to contact an extermination company and have them perform an inspection.

Soft wood — When termites attack, they can quickly hollow sections of wood in your walls and flooring. You may notice the wood in these areas feels softer and sounds hollow when you tap on it. This is a sure sign of termite damage and needs to be investigated.

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