What You Need to Know About Heating Maintenance

Your home’s heating system requires a little TLC to stay in good operating condition and to keep you and your family warm each winter. While there is no substitute for professional attention for your system, there are things you can do on your own to help prolong your furnace’s life and improve operation. What should you know about heating maintenance in Fayetteville?

1. Change That Filter

Perhaps the single most overlooked element of heating maintenance (and cooling maintenance, too, for that matter), is regularly changing the filter. Your HVAC system has a filter that prevents things like hair, dust, dirt, dander, mold, and the like, from penetrating the system and then spreading through the home. However, over time, that filter clogs up and must be replaced. Change yours every three to four months, but inspect it monthly, as you may need to change it more frequently.

2. Check the Drain Tube

If your heater is electric, you can ignore this. However, if you have natural gas or propane heat, you’ll need to check the drain tube. Both of these gases create small amounts of water through use. Some is evaporated as steam, but some condense and drip down into the catch pan that the furnace shares with the air conditioner. From there, it should drain through a tube to the outside of your home. However, that tube may become clogged with debris, mold, algae, and more. Check it regularly to ensure it stays clear.

3. Check the Flame Sensor

Again, owners of all-electric systems can skip this step. Locate the flame sensor, unscrew it from the furnace, clean it with a microfiber cloth, and then replace it. If not properly maintained, a dirty sensor can cause your furnace to stop working completely.

4. Visually Inspect the Furnace

Once every few months, give your furnace a visual inspection. What you’re looking for here are signs of visible damage – rodent-gnawed wiring, for instance. Any sign of damage should be your cue to make repairs, including calling in the professionals. Also, if you suspect rodent damage to your wiring, pest control should also be called.

Perhaps the single most important tip when it comes to heating maintenance in Fayetteville is this – be proactive. Start early, not just when cold weather threatens to arrive. At Hammond Services, we can provide you with annual heating maintenance in Fayetteville to ensure that your system is always in peak condition and ready to go.

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