What Will a Dentist in Lawrence Do At a Regular Exam?

Teeth need to be healthy to be useful during your life. You can accomplish most of the care of your teeth at home. However there are many services that a Dentist Lawrence can provide at your regular checkups to ensure that your teeth are healthy.

The first thing that a Dentist Lawrence will do is examine all your teeth and gums. A mirror will be used to check the condition of difficult to see teeth and gums. Your gums are part of the structure that holds your teeth in place, so if they are not healthy the problem needs to be corrected. When your gums are healthy they will be firm and pink. However, if your gums are pale it may not be a problem with your mouth, since anemia can cause pale gums.

A Dentist Lawrence may decide to take X-rays after examining your teeth. The reason for this is that they cannot see what is going inside your teeth. Taking X-rays will show them how your teeth look inside and if any action needs to be taken. They may also be taken to determine how bad a problem is that the dentist saw with your mouth. X-rays will not be done to a pregnant woman, so make sure that if you are pregnant that you let them know because it dangerous to an unborn child.

The final thing that the Dentist Lawrence will do during a regular exam is clean your teeth. This is the part that many people dread because of the tools that are used. Your teeth are scraped to remove plaque and tartar that is stuck on and then rinsed with a high-pressured stream of water. They will also floss your teeth and if you are unsure they will instruct you as they floss your teeth. Once your teeth are cleaned then the dentist will polish your teeth to give you a shiny smile and protect them. They may have you use mouthwash there depending on the condition of your mouth and any allergies.

Caring for your teeth is not always any easy task, but going to the dentist for your regular exams can help tremendously. Following the instructions given for any conditions that you may have will help your teeth stay healthy.

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