What to Look for in a Travel Nurse for a Loved One with Medical Needs

What to Look for in a Travel Nurse for a Loved One with Medical Needs

If you have a loved one with special medical needs who has to travel to another state or perhaps another country, you want to ensure the person has a safe trip. One way to do that is to arrange for an RN travel nurse to go along on the journey. Discover three features to look for when evaluating a nurse to travel with your loved one.


You want to have an experienced travel nurse to go with your loved one to his or her destination. There are certain things a travel nurse encounters that a nurse working in a hospital environment does not. If an emergency occurs during the journey, an experienced RN travel nurse will know what to do.


Another feature to look for when evaluating travel nurses is their level of knowledge. A nurse must be familiar with the condition of your loved one and understand the type of care that’s needed. If your loved one has a specific type of injury, the nurse should be well-acquainted with the injury and how it should be treated during the trip.


This feature is essential in a travel nurse. Whether your loved one is completely aware of his or her situation or spends a lot of time resting during the trip, the nurse must treat the person with compassion. This means talking with the person and reassuring him or her that everything is going as planned.

Lastly, these three features in a travel nurse are essential. Talking with a nurse before a trip, asking questions and getting to know him or her can help a family make a decision on whether it’s a good fit for an upcoming trip.

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