What to Expect from a Criminal Defense Attorney in New Ulm, MN

What to Expect from a Criminal Defense Attorney in New Ulm, MN

In Minnesota, criminal offenses lead to hefty penalties and fines for defendants. The classification of the crime determines whether the defendant must face a more severe sentence. However, a defense attorney could build an effective defense according to circumstances that applied to the crime. A criminal defense attorney in New Ulm, MN explains possible defenses for the case.

A Lack of Probable Cause

When arresting the defendant, the officers must have probable cause. When substantiating the claim in court, the prosecution must have credible evidence against the defendant. If there is a lack of probable cause, it is less likely for the defendant to be convicted of the crime.

Mental Disorders or Insanity

Mental disorders or a plea of insanity could help the defendant avoid a conviction. A psychiatric doctor must perform an assessment and determine if the defendant is mentally fit. Some mental conditions prevent defendants from understanding that they have committed a crime.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Mistaken identity is a common defense used to prove that the defendant couldn’t have committed the crime. Timestamps on video surveillance footage could substantiate the claim that the defendant wasn’t in the location where the crime was committed. The footage also proves that the prosecution is mistaken about the perpetrator’s identity. With clear footage and evidence, the defendant’s case would be dismissed, and they wouldn’t be convicted of the crime.

When Self Defense Claims Are Used

Self-defense claims indicate that the defendant feared for their lives and reacted to prevent serious bodily harm. The claims must show that the victim was attacking or attempting to injure the defendant when the crime was committed. Typically, the defendant would have defensive wounds on their body if the victim had a deadly weapon at the time.

In Minnesota, criminal defendants need legal assistance when facing serious criminal charges. Possible defenses start with a lack of probable cause and mistaken identity. Mental incapacity or infancy offers a defense based on an inability to understand that a crime was committed. Criminal defendants who need assistance from a criminal defense attorney in New Ulm, MN can contact Blatz Law Office, LTD. for more information right now.

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