What to Discuss with a Car Accident Lawyer in Boston, MA

What to Discuss with a Car Accident Lawyer in Boston, MA

In Massachusetts, the most recent statistics indicate that there were 351 fatalities and 4,134 serious injuries resulting from car accidents. The state utilizes a no-fault auto insurance system, and victims of auto accidents don’t have immediate access to a lawsuit. A car accident lawyer in Boston, MA explains common details about managing accident injury costs.

Reporting the Accident to the Authorities

After an accident, it is paramount to report it to the authorities. Law enforcement officers will evaluate the scene and determine who is at fault. An accident report is created for the accident and all parties must send a copy to their insurer. Emergency services are provided for all parties that need immediate medical assistance.

Filing a Claim Through Personal Injury Protection Coverage

According to Massachusetts laws, drivers must file an injury claim through their own personal injury protection coverage before pursuing a lawsuit. Their policy must provide at least $8,000 of coverage for each accident.

Requirements for Filing a Lawsuit

Victims who want to pursue a lawsuit must meet specific requirements first. According to state laws, the victim must incur at least $2,000 in medical expenses. Their injuries must be serious and lead to lasting effects. For example: disfigurements, loss of organ function, loss of limb, or bone fractures are classified as serious injuries. Victims can seek claims for pain and suffering if they start a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Comparative Fault Rulings and How They Work

Comparative fault rulings indicate that the victim is at fault if they committed a moving violation during the accident. The judge calculates a percentage according to the severity of the moving violation. Any percentage that exceeds 50% disqualifies the victim for any monetary damages in the lawsuit.

In Massachusetts, no-fault auto insurance laws limit a victim’s ability to file a lawsuit unless they sustain serious injuries. The laws require all drivers to have personal injury protection coverage to pay for their accident injuries. However, serious injuries open the door to a lawsuit. Victims of a car accident that need assistance can contact a car accident lawyer in Boston, MA or visit the website for further details right now.

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